Features within TOL

Plant a tree

To plant a tree with Trees of life is very simple. With your own account and all the option offered it can really be a lot of fun.

Simply choose a number of virtual trees and buy – and real trees are planted. Just decide if you want to create your own account, with which you can benefit of all options and possibilities within Trees of Life.

Gift trees

A tree can be a wonderful gift: for birthdays, weddings, births, christenings, a Valentines tree, to thank a friend or business partner, a love message or with an invitation to a feast and much more.

Only name and email address of the recipient are needed to make this gift. A personal message can be attached to the tree. The addressee will see the designed tree in his or her personal message.

Create your own tree design

You can design your own tree and then plant it on your own virtual field or just give it as a gift to someone. Simply buy a Trees of Life original tree with the option “create your own design” and then exchange it into one with your own design. Your tree should be in a gif format. Before you may plant your own creation, it has to be approved and enabled by the TOL office.

Tree location

Each tree is linked to the plantation area and each Plantie can see the area on a satellite image or map.

Age of trees

Your trees are sorted by age, therefore each Plantie knows, when a tree has been planted and how old it is.

Tree population

The tree population indicates the number of trees on a field and which type of tree and how many trees there are (graphic and chart).


Each Plantie may recommend Trees of Life to friends. For five successful recommendations the Plantie receives a bonus tree.


Online community to connect with other Planties.


There are some ranking lists, where Planties can follow up their place on the list – for example in Germany, worldwide or in his/her group. There are some filter options.

Inventory management

Each Plantie can manage his/her trees unfettered. Basically like a bank account. If one owns 20 trees, 3 of them may be given as a gift to a friend. Each Plantie may manage the trees freely.

Extra function for freelancers, small and medium sized businesses

This function is especially interesting for small and medium sized businesses, because the “tree credit” can be split. Each employee/team member receives a thank-you tree, the best client 10 trees, the reliable supplier 2 trees etc.

This advertising gift will leave a lasting impression – it does not only protect the environment by NOT producing more plastic ballpoints or other penny stuff, but it DOES serve the environment, in which the trees are planted. The free design (for instance with a logo) guarantees a lasting promotion effect. The presentees will talk about such a meaningful gift and will not forget it so easily. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to create individual concepts for you.

Founding a group

Each Plantie may found a group or become a member of a group, invite others to a group or get invited. Each tree of a Plantie totals to the own ranking as well as to the group ranking.

Facebook button

Each active Plantie can get the TOL button for his/her Facebook profile pictures. Then all friends can see, who has committed oneself to a greener and more social planet.

Hall Of Fame

In the hall of fame Planties will be honored: Plantie of the month, Plantie of the year, the winner of a raffle etc.

Additional offers in the shop

If you like, you can by additional water for your virtual field. The water will go to real project.

Special care campaigns

Should we plan additional projects, such as wells, schools or a medical center in a village, there are special campaigns for it. Here Planties can participate in a well project and in return receive a well for their own planting field. By clicking on the well, information on the actual project progress, location and other Planties who enabled this will can be retrieved. Special care campaigns will be announced via the TOL page and the newsletter. If the total amount required is reached, the campaign will be closed and will no longer be available for participation.