Code of Ethics

Our entrepreneurial principles are based on ethic policies. For us, the project, nature and humans are most important. We take care and respect the environment, in which we live and know that only together we can achieve our goal to live in a greener and better world. We are aware that not our earth has to be saved, because the earth can exist without us. We are aware that we have to save our habitat and the habitat of all living beings. Und to achieve that we have to act!

Green & Social

Green and social means the deeper understanding that we have to deal with the resources of our planet in a responsible way in order to create an environment which is worth living in for people and animals. Social business is the challenge to solve economic, social and ecological problems.

Social Business & Social Entrepreneur

Companies involved in social business are companies not aiming at maximum profits, but rather help to solve a social or ecological problem. As distinct from non-profit organizations they function like normal companies, i.e. they do not depend on donations, but raise money by means of a service offered on a market. Costs for employees, administration, marketing and IT are financed independently. Unlike in profit-oriented businesses the gain is used to solve problems or to improve the services offered. Of course a social business refrains from speculation profits.

Social entrepreneur means – according to the initiator Bill Drayton –social entrepreneurial actions mean innovative, pragmatic and long-term aiming at a fundamental and positive social change. An entrepreneur leading such an activity is called social entrepreneur. Other fields for social entrepreneurship are education, environmentalism, fight against poverty and human rights.