The production of oxygen

We focus on the positive. Therefore the oxygen production of trees has to be mentioned here at first. A healthy tree produces an average of 12 kilogram of oxygen every day. In other words: one tree supplies oxygen for approximately 10 people per day!

12 kg per day = 0.5 kg per hour

CO2 absorption

The CO2 absorption of trees can vary – depending on the species and the habitat. Therefore we are using average values for our calculations.

Data from the United Nation Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) is taken as a basis and our conservative calculations consider 30 kg of CO2 per year.

We believe that these standard values are adequate for an orientation. Those, who would like to have more precise calculations, can find a number of CO2 calculators on the internet.

Compensation for a car ride

2000km (1200 miles) = 1 tree

Based on a driving performance of 24000km (15000 miles) per year 1 tree per month (EUR 2.50) or 12 trees per year (EUR 30) would be sufficient to compensate the CO2 output.

EUR 2.50 per month for the environment? This should be possible – just think about how easily we sometimes spend money for odds and ends in our daily life.

Compensation for a flight route

Short haul up to 1500km (900 miles) = 1 tree
(such as Frankfurt – Mallorca)

Medium haul up to 4000km (2500 miles) = 3 trees
(such as Frankfurt – Gran Canaria)

Long haul up to 9000km (5500 miles) = 7 trees
(such as Frankfurt – New York)

Extra-Long haul up to 11000km (6800 miles) = 15 trees
(such as Frankfurt – Bali/Indonesia)

balancing air lanes with trees